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Specialized Education & Training for Lifting & Drilling Professionals

Our workshops are available at one of our facilities in Houston, San Antonio, and Mobile or at your location. We offer OSHA-complaint qualification training and CCO test preparation workshops. Our workshops are carefully designed to make sure you are safe, compliant, and prepared for work by combing classroom education and practical hands-on training to equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need on the jobsite.

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You Can Be Confident Going into Your CCO Certification Exam

Our CCO certification and recertification prep workshops combine classroom and practical hands-on training so you can be confident in your knowledge and skills going into your exam.

Qualification Programs

Everything You Need to be OSHA and ASME Compliant

Compliance is critical. Is your company compliant with OSHA 1910 (General Industry), OSHA 1926  (Construction), or ASME B30 standards?  Our qualification workshops will help you comply with these requirements and ensure that your team meets the qualification standards. 


Compliance Programs & CCO Certifications

Mobile Crane Operator

We provide mobile crane operator training for a variety of crane types, including fixed cab, swing cab, and lattice boom. Whether you’re getting in the cab for the first time or you’re an experienced operator preparing for your CCO certification exams, our workshops will help you reach your goals.

Fixed Cab (TSS)

Swing Cab (TLL)

Lattice Boom (LAT)

CCO Certifications

Tower Crane Operator

Our tower crane operator workshops are for experienced operators and those wanting to become Tower Crane operators. If you are seeking the CCO Tower Crane Certification, we have workshops focused on exam preparation for the written and practical exams. 

Compliance Programs & CCO Certifications

Drill Rig Operator

Drill rig operator workshops coming soon!

Compliance Programs & CCO Certifications


We offer rigger workshops to help you take the next step professionally regardless of your experience level. Our standard rigger workshops, usually paired with our signalperson workshop, will train you in the fundamentals of rigging like rigging equipment selection, inspection, and operations. Our advanced rigger workshops will prepare you for standard and non-standard rigging tasks like load weight estimation, identifying the center of gravity of a load, share of load weight, sling tension calculations, and more.

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